What is a provisional patent application?

Provisional patent

What is a provisional patent application?

A provisional patent application is something that exists in U.S. patent law, but not in Canada.

Features of a provisional application

A U.S. provisional patent application is one that is filed to secure a filing date & start protecting your invention, but the application will never be examined.

So why file an application that won't be examined? Some of the benefits of filing a U.S. provisional patent application are:

  • the cost - USPTO (government) filing fee of $280USD
  • the filing requirements are less formal
  • can help you secure funding/financing to pursue the invention
  • protects your invention while you further develop or refine it
  • it is not published and remains confidential*

*Note: If a regular patent application is later filed & published claiming priority to the provisional, then the provisional will be made available to the public

Filing a regular patent application

A provisional patent application lasts for 12 months; after such time it is considered abandoned and will remain confidential. Before the expiry of that period, if you wish to continue protecting your invention, you need to file a non-provisional (e.g. regular) patent application.

Best practices

Although the provisional patent application will not be examined & has less formal requirements, it is beneficial to submit drawings and a description that are as complete as possible, as the provisional application will form the content basis for the regular patent application later on.

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