What are Intellectual Property (IP) Rights?

IP Rights

What are Intellectual Property (IP) Rights?

Just as you can own physical property, like a house, you can be the legal owner of IP (e.g. a form of intangible property).

A legal right, as the IP owner, to use and exploit the IP and to prohibit others from using and exploiting the IP.

Scope of protection of IP rights is geographical (e.g. on a per country or region basis). Generally you need to file IP in each country you want protection.

IP rights last for a specified duration, each form of IP has its own duration.

Registered vs. Unregistered
Some forms of IP must be registered to acquire rights (e.g. patents, industrial designs), other forms of IP rights may be acquired without registration (e.g. trademarks, copyright). Although rights may be acquired without registration for some forms of IP,  there are benefits to registering your trademarks and copyright. Also for trademarks, some countries will only recognize registered rights.

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