Trademark Registration for Food Businesses

TM Food Businesses

Trademark Registration for Food Businesses

Do you sell food products? have a restaurant? Then you have trademarks that are worth protecting through trademark registration!

Examples of Trademarks

Below are some of the types of branding you could register as trademarks, with examples of registered trademarks in Canada.

  • Business/restaurant Logos: STARBUCKS Design, MCDONALD'S M Design, BURGER KING Design, PANERA BREAD Design
  • Food Product Names: TIMBITS (Tim Hortons), EGG MCMUFFIN (McDonald's), WHOPPER JR. (Burger King)
  • Food Product Logos: MR. PEANUT Design, BEE Design (Honey Nut Cheerios), BEARS Design (Kraft peanut butter), OREO Design

Trademark Goods and Services

In a trademark application, you need to indicate the types of products or services that are sold in association with the trademark. For food related branding, the following are some of the products and services you would want to protect in your trademark application.

  • Specific food products (e.g. pizza, cereal, coffee etc.)
  • Restaurant services
  • Take out and Delivery services
  • Catering services

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