Trademark Search

Starting a new brand? Find out if you can use the trademark or if someone else already is

Have an existing brand?  Find out if it can be registered to protect your trademark across Canada for 10 years


Flat rate fee: $375 (plus HST)

  • Fee includes:
    • Search of the Canadian Trademark database for pending and registered trademarks that are the same or similar to yours
    • Search of the Federal Corporation database
    • Internet search of domains
    • Results report prepared by Lawyer & Registered Trademark Agent discussing trademark availability and likelihood of success of registration
    • Options provided to strengthen your trademark or make it more distinctive (if applicable)

Trademark Registration

Protect your Brand by registering your Trademark. Benefits include:

  1. Exclusive rights across Canada for 10 years
  2. Proof that you own the trademark
  3. Deter infringers and others from copying your brand

Flat rate fee: $675 (plus HST & government fees)

  • Fee includes:
    • Discussion with you regarding your trademark and types of products/services you sell
    • Trademark application prepared & filed by Lawyer & Registered Trademark Agent
    • Monitoring trademark application through to registration;
    • Receiving & reporting official correspondence;
    • Making minor amendments to application as necessary (Exception: additional fees apply to respond to complex objections e.g. distinctiveness, descriptiveness and confusion with another mark);
    • Reporting and forwarding registration certificate to you.

Jennifer Sander BASc, JD

All trademark searches and trademark applications are prepared by Jennifer Sander, a licensed Lawyer (LSO) and registered Canadian Trademark Agent with over 10 years of experience in Intellectual Property Law.