How to use Trademark Symbols the Right Way

Trademark Symbols

Although there is no requirement in Canada to mark your trademarks, it is beneficial to use the following symbols to make the public aware of your trademarks.

Unregistered Trademarks

The symbol is generally used for unregistered trademarks.

By using a trademark (e.g. brand name, product name, logos) over a period of time, you may acquire unregistered rights in the trademark. However, these rights will typically be limited to the geographical area you use the trademark.

Registered Trademarks

The ® symbol is reserved for use with registered trademarks; that is trademarks registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).

One benefit of registering your trademark in Canada is that you will have an exclusive right to use the trademark across Canada.

As well, trademark registration acts as proof that you are the owner of the trademark.

Trademark marking tips

Usually the  and ® symbols are shown in a superscript form at the end of the trademark (for example, Apple®).

As well, in addition to using trademark symbols, you can also highlight your trademark with bolded font, italics, or by using all capital letters so that it stands out from adjacent words.


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