Identifying IP in your Business

IP Audit

As a business owner, it is important to take stock of the intellectual property (IP) that exists in your business. Registering your IP will give you a competitive advantage as your business will receive  exclusive rights over your trademarks, designs, and inventions.

Check out below types of IP and how they apply in your business.


Trademarks is a form of IP that protects brands.

Examples of trademarks in your business

  • business name
  • logos
  • slogans
  • product/service names
  • domain name

Benefits of a Registered Trademark

  • Increase brand awareness & the value of your business
  • Exclusive right to use trademark across Canada for 10 years (updated June 2019) and rights are renewable.
  • Proof of ownership of trademark
  • Deter others from infringing your trademark

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Industrial Designs

Industrial designs is a form of IP that protects the visual features of a product.

Examples of industrial designs in your business

  • shape of product and/or product packaging
  • pattern applied to product and/or product packaging

Benefits of a Registered Industrial Design

  • In Canada, exclusive right to use, make and sell products containing design for 10 years

Public Disclosure

In Canada, you may file an application for an unpublished design at any time. If the design has been made available to the public (e.g. public disclosure), then you must file the application within 12 months from the date of the public disclosure. However, in some countries any public disclosure prior to filing may be a bar to registration in those countries.


Patents is a form of IP that protects the functional features of inventions.

Examples of patents in your business

  • new and innovative products, processes, machines, compositions

Benefits of an Issued Patent

  • In Canada, exclusive right to use, make and sell the invention for 20 years

Public Disclosure

In some countries, any prior publication/public disclosure before filing a patent application could prevent you from obtaining a patent in those countries. In Canada, you generally have a 12-month grace period in which you can file patent application after a public disclosure.


Copyright is form of IP that protects the expression of an idea.

Examples of copyright in your business

  • newsletters, brochures, flyers
  • books, manuals, training or course materials
  • website

Rights in Copyright

  • Sole right to produce, reproduce, perform and publish the copyrighted material
  • In Canada, copyright generally lasts for the lifetime of the author + 50 years after their death.

Benefits of Copyright Registration

No registration of copyright is required, however registering your copyright may provide the following benefits:

  • Acting as a public notice that copyright exists
  • Identifying the owner of the copyright

The above content is for informational purposes only and is not legal or professional advice.

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