Why your Brand matters?

Why Brand matters

Why your Brand Matters?

Stand out in the Crowd

The marketplace is crowded. It is increasingly difficult for a business to stand out and distinguish themselves from other businesses providing the same or similar goods and/or services. Your brand is the key to differentiating your business from others in the marketplace. You want your brand to be distinctive, engaging & memorable.

Customer Recognition & Perception

Your brand also acts as an indicator of the source and quality of your products and/or services. Consumers use brands to identify which products and services to purchase and choose brands that they perceive reflect their own wants, needs and/or values.

Evokes the personality & values of your business

All aspects of your brand - your brand name, colours used, and designs - should be selected with thought & care so that they accurately represent the values and personality of your business. Your brand image is fundamental in developing brand loyalty & consumer engagement.

Protecting your Brand with Trademark Registration

Protect the investment in your brand by registering your brand name, logos and/or slogans as Trademarks. Trademark Registration gives you exclusive rights in the trademark across Canada for 10 years (updated June 2019).

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