What is Trademark Confusion?


What is trademark confusion?

A trademark (or trade name) causes confusion with another business's trademark (or trade name) if the use of both
trademarks in the same area (e.g. selling the same or similar products/services) causes consumers to believe that the two companies are the same or related.

In determining whether trade-marks or trade-names are confusing, several factors are considered including:

(a) the inherent distinctiveness of the trade-marks or trade-names and the extent to which they have become known;

(b) the length of time the trade-marks or trade-names have been in use;

(c) the nature of the goods, services or business;

(d) the nature of the trade; and

(e) the degree of resemblance between the trade-marks or trade-names in appearance or sound or in the ideas suggested by them.

(Subsection 6(5) of the Trademarks Act)

Avoiding Trademark Confusion &                      Registering your Trademark

Using a trademark that is confusingly similar to another's business's trademark (whether it is a registered or an unregistered trademark) exposes your business to risk and liability.

As well, you cannot register a trademark if it is confusingly similar to a registered trademark and/or a pending trademark

Doing a trademark search prior to adopting a trademark can help you determine whether your proposed trademark is available
and can be registered.

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