Trademarks: NICE Classification

NICE classfication

Trademarks: NICE classification

The NICE classification is a system for classifying goods and services that is used when applying for trademark registration. It is an internationally recognized system and is updated periodically to capture new types of products and services.


The NICE classification utilizes a number system to identify a total of 45 classes of goods and services. Classes 1-34 represent goods and classes 35-45 represent services.

Examples of NICE classes:

  • Class 16 - paper & printed goods
  • Class 25 - clothing, footwear, headwear
  • Class 36 - insurance & financial services


The filing fees for a Canadian trademark application are determined based on the number of NICE classes of goods & services you include in the application. For the first class the fee is $330CDN and for each additional class included in the application, the fee is $100CDN.

For example, if you list in your application stationary and t-shirts, then your total filing fee will be $430CDN, because you engaged class 16 with stationary and class 25 with t-shirts. However, if you list t-shirts, baseball caps and running shoes, your total filing fee would only be $330CDN because all of these items fall under the same category, class 25.

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