Secure your brand with Trademark Registration

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Over 60,000 trademark applications were filed in Canada in 2018.

Is your brand one of them?

Trademark Registration vs. Other business registrations

Many business owners mistakenly believe that registering their corporation name or business name with the government will protect their brand name from being used by other businesses. This however is not the case.

There is a separate “Trademark” registration process that you need to complete in order to secure your brand & obtain registered trademark rights. To learn more about how Trademark Registration differs from other business registrations, check out the blog post Business Name/Corporation Registration ≠ Registered Trademark.

Trademark rights

Registered trademark rights are exclusive rights to your brand name that extend across Canada for an initial term of 10 years and these rights are renewable. If you want to protect your business name, logo, or slogan from being used by other businesses and copycats, then trademark registration, in addition to registering your business or corporation name, is essential for your business. Trademark Registration also serves as proof that you are the proper owner of the brand name.

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